I was watching a female friend of mine (I’d put her at about a 7, some might put her higher) swiping on Tinder the other night.

It was nuts. She rarely swiped right and the sheer speed with which she made a decision was nuts. Only very rarely would she look at a second picture, much less any of the text in the profile. I couldn’t believe how many fit, good looking guys she was turning down and the rate of speed that she was swiping at. Good god it was a choking on the red pill moment.

Now, this chick would almost certainly want to date me if I were available, but here she is swiping no like a machine gun set on burst to a ton of guys surely making more money than me, more attractive than me, and in significantly better shape than me. Just goes to show you that game and social proof as well as meeting a girl in person are huge factors.

I still kind of shake my head thinking about watching her that night.

~ by aneroidocean on 04/22/2016.

One Response to “Tinderizer”

  1. Unless you’ve met with the girl in person (recently), rarely do online interactions count towards much, with girls.

    The girls with whom it does, tend to be on the computer more often or are too timid, shy, or restricted from meeting men .

    Such is my experience.


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