Gay Night

Posted in response to the question posed in this thread at RooshVForum where someone asked if acting gay/bi could be a good way to hook up with girls.  While questionable, I couldn’t help but remember “gay night”:

I can’t imagine that pursuing gay game is really worth the effort. Many people thought that one of my former friends was gay (he wasn’t) and one night he was in a mood to joke around and experiment with putting an earring he had in the wrong ear (the gay side…trust me if you see a guy wearing it you’ll know if it’s the wrong side or the right side automatically).

We went out to have dinner at a local mexican themed restaurant/bar. We ended up being seated in a slightly raised section right next to the tiny dance floor. There happened to be a bachelorette party there that night and ten girls were on the dance floor. A couple dudes were milling about but it was basically all just these girls and a couple of them had nice racks.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Girls were smiling at us as we walked in and guys were looking away. It was almost the the direct opposite of normal. The bachelorette party on the dance floor were smiling and being friendly from where they were. I realized that they thought we were a couple or something. My friend and I are discussing what to do and we both decide he should just walk onto the dance floor, go right into the middle of the party and dance all up on the girl he liked with a HUGE rack.

He stepped onto the dance floor and walked RIGHT into the group and five girls instantly surrounded him, the girl with the huge rack started RUBBING her tits all over him, he slapped them around and all the girls were loving it.

I wasn’t expecting a negative reaction from the girls, but I was dumbfounded. I sat there in my chair for maybe a minute laughing as my buddy was getting grinded on by cute girls. It was almost like they were fighting over him. In the end I snapped out of it and realized “wtf, they think I’m gay too, might as well do the same” so I ninja slung myself under the railing and onto the dance floor where the OTHER five girls including the other girl with a VERY nice rack enveloped me and started grinding on me.

There was a moment there where my buddy and I caught eyes and pretty much had a “wtf!?!?!” moment. I don’t remember if he ever got a number or anything out of that night as we were both pretty inexperienced/shitty with game, but we laughed and reminisced about “gay night” a number of times after that. Never did it again and that guy turned into a shitpile of a friend, but that was definitely one night I will always fondly remember and chuckle to myself about.

I’m sure there are guys out there who are able to pull off faking gay, but I couldn’t. I was just lumped in by association with my buddy and had a fun time getting grinded on by 5 chicks at once. Who wouldn’t?


~ by aneroidocean on 08/26/2013.

2 Responses to “Gay Night”

  1. You don’t even have to be gay. Or even be mistaken to be gay. All the best action I ever got was going to gay bars and clubs. Sometimes with friends, sometimes solo. Though I’ll warn you you’ll have more people mistake you as gay at first solo, but free drinks from dudes never hurts as long as you’re smart about it (IE watch the bartender make it if you’re by yourself).

    I’ve had strange women nibble on my dick through my pants after one dance, been fought over, and been gone along for the ride of making a girls boyfriend jealous. The hottest woman I’ve slept with was one I invited to a gay club with our friends. About 8 of us would go, usually half men and half women. We just walk in and own the place. Even without any real game or ability to dance, the confidence, preselection, and emotional high will get anyone of any smv over a 4 a little bit of action if they can let go and shut their mouth for the length of a song.

    Tip: I suggest the 18 and up nights at places that’ll give you a stamp or armband to still let you drink. You don’t have to go for the under 21’s (I would), but the wild abandon they add to a club will drastically change the mood. It also adds chances to break rules by slipping them sips or simply using age as preselection

  2. Went to a gay club once with a friend who was on his bachelor party and wanted to meet up with his soon-to-be wife (since divorced). Made a bet with one of my friends that I could get more drinks than him that night. Sure enough, I got about 10 drinks bought for me by other guys. At the end of the night, they knew I was straight and I had a good time anyway.

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